March 2021 Tip: Gage Block Excel Calculator Program

Gage Block Excel Calculator Program


Is an Excel File to calculate Gage Block Build up. Just input the Build up needed into the "Input Inch" cell and it will list the Gage Blocks needed to obtain the total. It uses a "81" piece and a "35" piece gage block set. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS IF YOU PLAN TO USE THIS WITH ANY OTHER GAGE BLOCK SETS. USE WITH 81 PIECE AND 35 PIECE GAGE BLOCK SETS ONLY. If the value needed can't be calculated, "False" will  show up in Cells B:19 or C:19.

Can be used on any device with an Excel program installed.

See how this program works

Buy now for $3.00 Please provide the email account you use on your phone in the "Notes" section of your payment. Program will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase - usually in much less time.

Thanks for visiting today. I'm charging for this tip because I invested so much time in this valuable tool.


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