GrafNCalc83 App

GrafNCalc83 App

This app is one of the best things that has ever happened to the iPhone. The creator of the app, Ernest Brock, was very helpful and was always quick to respond to my questions. This is the number one app I use on my phone now. Thanks for visiting  today.

June 2021 Tip: Coordinate Constants from Outside

 Coordinate Constants from Outside: These are used for establishing coordinate hole locations from the outside of a bolt circle with equally spaced holes. The holes can be aligned to a reference point on a centerline or equally spaced on both sides of the centerline. To use these values, first, select the required number of holes for the bolt circle.  Next, choose the appropriate type of coordinate reference location (either on the centerline or between the holes).  Then, multiply the diameter of the bolt circle by the constant value shown in the chart.  The resulting answers represent the coordinate locations of the holes from the "X" and "Y" reference edges for the specified diameter of the bolt circle. The full PDF includes coordinate constants for 3 to 12 holes. Contact me if you're interested in receiving this. I'll be happy to email the full PDF to you. Sample: Coordinate constants from outside for 4 holes Thanks for visiting  t

Newsletter June 2021

 Machinist Tips I'm happy to announce the latest updates for MachinistKalc to you this morning. First of all, two new machinist tips have been added. I hope you'll find them to be helpful. Find the Distance Across Corners of Hexagons, Squares, and Octagons . Contact me to have the full chart emailed to you. A helpful Drill Bit Guide has been added to help you choose the best drill bit for your job. Once there, just click on the image to enlarge it for a better view.  Shop Favorite Check out the Triangle Program for GrafNCalc83 . Thanks for visiting today.

May 2021Tip: Find the Distance Across Corners of Hexagons, Squares, and Octagons

These charts have pre-determined sizes and also the formulas to find the Distance Across Corners of Hexagons and Squares. Although Octagons are not included in this PDF, I have listed the formula below for that as well. Contact me to receive the full PDF. It's free! Sample of PDF you will receive Hexagon:  D = Distance across Corners d = Size of Hexagon Formula: D = 1.1547d Square: E = Distance across Corners d = Square Size Formula: E = 1.4142d Octagon: O = Distance across Corners d = Size of Octagon Formula: O = 1.082d Thanks for visiting  today.

May 2021Tip: Drill Bit Guide

  Image courtesy of Click on the picture to see the quick reference guide. Visit to know how to choose the right drill bit for your next project. Thanks for visiting today.

Newsletter May 2021

 May 1, 2021 Newsletter  Good morning! I hope all of you are doing well. It’s May, so that means it’s time to update you on everything that happened in April.  First of all, I have decided to switch over to a newsletter account so you will receive only one newsletter a month from me. All newsletters will continue to be posted on this site, however, so you will still be able to view all of our newsletters in the archive on the site. Just click on the Newsletter tab above to see any newsletters you have missed. As usual, I’ve added two new machinist tips for you in April. You can see those tips at the following links: Formulas for Circles and Spheres and Decimal Equivalents . If you want me to email you any of the free PDF files from our tips  section that I add each month, just click on the Contact Me tab above and fill out the form. If you’re looking for my machinist programs, you can find those by clicking on the Programs button below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Th

April 2021 Tip: Formulas for Circles and Spheres

This is a quick two pager that contains Formulas for Circles and Spheres. It contains 14 formulas for Circles and Spheres and is good to have in any Notebook for quick reference. Formulas include how to find the circumference of a circle, how to find the diameter of a circle, how to find the area of a circle, how to find the surface of a ball (sphere), how to find the cubic inches (volume) of a ball, and more! Properties of a Circle image is also included in the PDF file. I have provided a sample image below of the first two formulas that are included in the PDF. Contact me if you would like me to email the full PDF file to you. Sample image of the PDF file you will receive Please check back frequently for more machinist tips on .

April 2021 Tip: Decimal Equivalents

This is just a quick PDF on Decimal Equivalents. A sample image of the Table of Decimal Equivalents of 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, and 64ths of an Inch is shown below.  This PDF is easy to print, making it easy for you can put it at your machine so you don't risk losing the good plastic ones! Contact me if you would like me to email the full PDF file to you. a small sample of the PDF you will receive Thanks for visiting  today.

Newsletter April 2021

Machininst Kalc Newsletter April 1, 2021 Welcome back to the Machinist Kalc monthly newsletter. I've added a couple of new programs since our March 2021 newsletter -  DESIRED CHAMFER Program for GrafNCalc83  and the Gage Block Excel Calculator to be used on any device you have Excel installed on. You can buy all 32 of my GrafNCalc83 programs for only $23. You can view the entire list of all 32 programs on the  Programs page of If you've missed any of our past Newsletters, you can find them in our Newsletter Archives .  Thanks for visiting  today.

March Tip: Gage Block Excel Calculator Program

GBS: Is an Excel File to calculate Gage Block Build up. Just input the Build up needed into the "Input Inch" cell and it will list the Gage Blocks needed to obtain the total. It uses a "81" piece and a "35" piece gage block set. If the value needed can't be calculated, "False" will  show up in Cells B:19 or C:19. Can be used on any device with an Excel program installed. See how this program works Buy now for $3.00   Please provide the email account you use on your phone in the "Notes" section of your payment. Program will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase - usually in much less time. Thanks for visiting  today.

Desired Chamfer Program for GrafNCalc83

The programs listed on this site are to be used with the GrafNCalc83 app for iPhones. These programs have never been tested on any other types of phones (such as Androids). So, if you buy this program to use on anything besides an iPhone, you are doing so at your own risk.  I am not affiliated with the owner, creator, or any other person associated with this app. At the time of this post, the GrafNCalc83 app is free to download and use. Charges may apply in the future. Having these programs on your phone is much easier than carrying around a large calculator. Please see the illustration video below the description to see how this program works.  We are asking that you please tell your friends where to buy this program instead of sharing with them. This way, we are able to keep the price low. DISCLAIMER: This program is to be used only to test your own calculations. Do not use this for your primary calculations. I cannot take responsibility if your parts are damaged when using the