Machinist Tools

Machinist Tools


A machinist is only as good as his tools and his precise measurements. Yes, gages, calipers, micrometers, and all of the other tools in your toolbox are necessary. However, other machinist tools are often overlooked. For instance, we have all heard the old English proverb "Measure twice and cut once." An older Russian proverb, by the way, states, "Measure seven times and cut once." So, after you - and possibly a few of your co-workers - have confirmed the measurements for a job, it's also a good idea to run the numbers through a machinist calculator.

The calculator programs I create for the GrafNCalc83 App are great for that final check. These take a few days to program and a few days to test before I upload them for sale. The app is downloaded on my own iPhone so it is immediately available when I need to check my calculated measurements for a job. 

I invite you to look through my site to find a calculator program you can use for the types of jobs you frequently work on. They are already priced low, but I also have 3 bundle offers in case you find several you want to purchase. Also, be sure to carefully read through all the tabs and each post for helpful information about me and these programs. If you have any questions, I'm only an email away. So, feel free to fill out the Contact form on the Contact page under "More" at the top of this page.


Charts are other tools that can be helpful to a machinist. Having a picture with a clear explanation can help minimize confusion. If you look through my Machinist Tips, you will find plenty of helpful charts. These charts are free to download. Or I will be happy to email those to you if you want to contact me.

Thanks for visiting today. Be sure to tell your machinist friends about this site too.


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