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Free Drill Size for Pipe GrafNCalc83 Programs

In case you're just finding, I want to let you know that you will, first, need to download the GrafNCalc83 calculator app onto your iPhone in order to use my programs from this website. I'm not affiliated with this app or the creator in any way. It's simply a great app that I use to double check my own calculations as a machinist. Woodworkers and hobbyists will likely find many of these calculator programs helpful as well.  Since my iPhone is always with me, it's easier to use this app than it is to carry a TI83 calculator around or a Machinery's Handbook. I thoroughly check these programs before releasing them. However, I want to stress that these are to be used for double checking your own calculations and not as your main source of calculating. Please see my disclaimer page for more information .  In this free package, you'll receive the NPT (National Pipe Taper), NPS (National Pipe Straight), and BSPP/BSPT (British Standard Parallel Pipe/B