The programs listed on this site are to be used with the GrafNCalc83 app for iPhones. These programs have never been tested on any other types of phones (such as Androids). So, if you buy this program to use on anything besides an iPhone, you are doing so at your own risk. 

I am not affiliated with the owner, creator, or any other person associated with this app. At the time of this post, the GrafNCalc83 app is free to download and use. Charges may apply in the future. Having these programs on your phone is much easier than carrying around a large calculator. Please see the illustration video below each program description to see how each program works. 

We are asking that you please tell your friends where to buy this program instead of sharing with them. This way, we are able to keep the price low.

DISCLAIMER: This program is to be used only to test your own calculations. Do not use this for your primary calculations. I cannot take responsibility if your parts are damaged when using the programs that you buy from me even though they have been tested vigorously by me. 

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