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June 2022 Newsletter

 GrafNCalc83 Chord Length Program My new Chord Length program is available for only $1.35. As always, I have tested it extensively to ensure it is accurate. I must continue to stress, however, that my programs are to be used only to verify your own calculations. You can buy all 34 of my programs for only $25 for a savings of $20.99. You may also choose 5 for $5 or 10 for $10 if you don’t need all 34 programs. Programs will be mailed within 48 hours of receiving your Paypal payment. If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact me . I’ll reply within 48 hours. Thanks for visiting . Have a nice day!

April 2022 Newsletter

  Last month, I added a couple more Machinist tips for you. I hope you enjoy the  Pipe Thread Sizes  chart and the  Tapping and Threading Formulas  chart. Once again, if you have any problems downloading these charts, please  contact me  and I’ll be happy to email those to you. If you’re still undecided about whether to buy or not, read what  others have said  about my programs. I’m always happy to help if you have any questions after a purchase. Simply contact me using the link I provided above. Thanks for visiting .

March 2022 Newsletter

  New Machinist Tips I hope everyone is doing well today. In February, I added two new machinist tips.  Download the free Metric Taps or Metric Thread Pitch Conversion charts at your convenience.  If you have trouble downloading the charts, contact me  and I’ll be happy to email them to you. Life got busy once again last month, but I’ll add more YouTube  videos when the dust starts to settle. Thanks for all the thumbs up. I really appreciate your support. Thanks for visiting   today.

Newsletter January 2022

 Happy New Year from MachinistKalc Happy New Year! When you have a minute, drop by and check out my two newest machinist tips and download those tip sheets. As a matter of fact, all of the tip sheets are now downloadable. Of course, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to Contact Me or leave a Comment under any post. My most important news this month is that my YouTube Channe l is now live. Watch for more videos to be added from time to time. I would appreciate it if you’re able to subscribe to my channel. And of course, tell your friends! As always, thanks for visiting .

Newsletter December 2021

 Machinist Kalc Christmas 2021 Edition For December, I’ve provided a  free download   for you - Decimal Equivalent Chart for Drill and Tap Sizes. If you like that, there are lots of other  machinist tips  you will also enjoy. Our December,2021 special is Buy 3 Get 1 free. When you buy 3 of our GrafNCalc83 programs, we’ll email those to you within 48 hours. After you receive your bought programs, let me know which GrafNCalc83 program you want me to send to you free of charge. This offer expires December 31, 2021. If you like saving money, you’ll definitely want to check out my bundle deals by clicking on the links below.  These bundles cannot be combined with the Buy 3 Get 1 free offer. Buy 5 for $5 Buy 10 for $10 Buy all 33 for $25 Have questions? Drop me a line at the link below. If you would like to receive my newsletters directly to your email inbox, you can subscribe at the top of this page. I hope you and your families have a very Merry

Newsletter November 2021

  New Machinist tips and articles every month September was a busy month, so I wasn’t able to update the site. But I was able to come back in October with a couple of machinist articles that you might enjoy. Of course, you can go to my site and look at any of the machinist tips and machinist articles any time. Contact me or leave a comment below a post if you would like to see a specific tip or article on . I’ll do my best to add those as quickly as possible. I hope you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving. I’ll be back in December with more updates and news.

Newsletter September 2021

September 2021 Newsletter  I’m happy to announce my latest tip  - Internal/External Thread Chart and Thread Calculations. I have also uploaded a new GrafNCalc83 Program  - Center Drill Depth Program for GrafNCalc83. Read what others are saying about my programs at the Testimonials link .  I welcome any questions or suggestions. Please feel free to get in touch with me. If you would like to have my monthly newsletters emailed to you, you can subscribe at the link at the top of this page. You can see all of my past newsletters in the newsletter archive section of this website. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for visiting today.

Newsletter August 2021

July was a busy month at First of all, I created a new GrafNCalc83 program - How to Calculate a Desired Chamfer Using a Center Drill.   All of my GrafNCalc83 programs are $1.35 individually. You can buy all 33 programs  that I offer for the GrafNCalc83 for only $25. That’s a savings of $19.55! View my Programs Page to see all 33 programs and smaller bulk offers. Please read my full disclaimer  about how to use these programs before purchasing. If you have any questions or testimonials that you would like to share, feel free to contact me . I also added two new machinist tips that I think you will find to be very helpful. The first one is Area & Measurement of Plane Geometric Figures . The other one is Coordinate Constants from Center . Visit my Tips Page to view all of my machinist tips. Thanks for visiting  today.

Newsletter July 2021

When you buy 3 GrafNCalc83 Programs for $1.35 each during July 2021, just send a note with your Paypal payment to let me know which program you want free. All 3 purchases must be made from one email address to qualify. The free program will be emailed to the same email address as the 3 bought programs. Search through the Programs page for your choices. If you have any questions or wish to contact me via email with your information instead, feel free to do so. If you wish to receive my newsletters via email, you can register in the box at the top is this page. Thanks for visiting today.

Newsletter May 2021

 May 1, 2021 Newsletter  Good morning! I hope all of you are doing well. It’s May, so that means it’s time to update you on everything that happened in April.  First of all, I have decided to switch over to a newsletter account so you will receive only one newsletter a month from me. All newsletters will continue to be posted on this site, however, so you will still be able to view all of our newsletters in the archive on the site. Just click on the Newsletter tab above to see any newsletters you have missed. As usual, I’ve added two new machinist tips for you in April. You can see those tips at the following links: Formulas for Circles and Spheres and Decimal Equivalents . If you want me to email you any of the free PDF files from our tips  section that I add each month, just click on the Contact Me tab above and fill out the form. If you’re looking for my machinist programs, you can find those by clicking on the Programs button below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Th

Newsletter April 2021

Machininst Kalc Newsletter April 1, 2021 Welcome back to the Machinist Kalc monthly newsletter. I've added a couple of new programs since our March 2021 newsletter -  DESIRED CHAMFER Program for GrafNCalc83  and the Gage Block Excel Calculator to be used on any device you have Excel installed on. You can buy all 32 of my GrafNCalc83 programs for only $23. You can view the entire list of all 32 programs on the  Programs page of If you've missed any of our past Newsletters, you can find them in our Newsletter Archives .  Thanks for visiting  today.

Newsletter March 2021

It's March 1st, so that means it's time for another newsletter from Machinist Kalc . I'm pleased, so far, with the responses we've had from users of our calculator programs.  There are two ways you can stay up to date with Machinist Kalc. You can follow me on Pinterest  where I have added and will continue to add my newest calculator programs. You can also click on the "subscribe" button above so you'll receive my 1-3 new posts each month. Don't forget to confirm your subscription in your email inbox so you'll receive them.  Posts will include one newsletter post each month, machinist tips , and/or new calculator programs. If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime.  Thanks for visiting  today.

Newsletter February 2021

If you aren't receiving these updates in your inbox yet but you don't want to miss an update, just click on the "Subscribe" button above. I post new content only one to three times a month. Once you subscribe, Blogger is in charge of emailing new posts to you, so you can unsubscribe at any time.  Check out my  Testimonials page  to see what others are saying about my calculator programs. Also, I have provided a list of all the calculator programs on one page for your convenience. Each program is linked so you can click on it to see more information and/or to buy it. A short video accompanies each program post so you can see how each one works on your iPhone. Please let me know if you find any errors on this site or if you have any questions by either leaving a comment below or by  contacting me .  Paypal payments are accepted for the programs I sell on this site. If you do not have a Paypal account, you may checkout as a guest, using your preferred debit or credit ca

Newsletter January 2021

Happy New Year 2021! With the passing of 2020, I wanted to start this website to share the work I have been doing over the last several months. Machinists and hobbyists can enjoy the programs I have created for use on the GrafNCalc83 iPhone app. Those programs are for sale for only $1.35 each on this site. I also offer bundle packages that will save you money if you would like to buy more than one program at once. All of the program links are listed on one page to make the search easier for you.  I have provided a video of each program to show you how each program works. Also, don't forget to read the Import and Basic Settings post before you import any programs you buy from this site. If you have any questions before or after you buy, feel free to leave a comment below or email me . All programs are emailed within 48 hours or less to the email address you use on your iPhone.  Thanks for visiting  today.