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Revisiting Hexagons

A hexagon, as mentioned in a previous post , is often used in nature due to its amazing strength. One of the earliest hexagonal written thoughts dates back to 36 BC when Roman polymath, Marcus Terentius Varro, reported that the hexagonal shape makes the most efficient use of space and building material. (Source: Wikipedia ) From that point, builders and manufacturers have been busy as bees using the hexagon to build their man made creations.  Image courtesy of   Meggyn Pomerleau With that being said, a machinist often uses two of history's genius hexagon inventions - hex nuts and bolts with hex heads. These handy fasteners allow for an excellent grip without slippage when tightening. As machinists, we also make plenty of hexagons in our career. That's why I decided to revisit my hexagon tips  and GrafNCalc83 programs I created to calculate a  hex angle , hex point 1 , hex point 2 , and  diameter calculation for hex and square. My coworkers and I use these programs on a near-d

May 2021Tip: Find the Distance Across Corners of Hexagons, Squares, and Octagons

These charts have pre-determined sizes and also the formulas to find the Distance Across Corners of Hexagons and Squares . Although Octagons are not included in this PDF, I have listed the formula below for that as well. Download at the hyperlink above or  Contact me to receive the full PDF. It's free! Sample of PDF you will receive Hexagon:  D = Distance across Corners d = Size of Hexagon Formula: D = 1.1547d Square: E = Distance across Corners d = Square Size Formula: E = 1.4142d Octagon: O = Distance across Corners d = Size of Octagon Formula: O = 1.082d Thanks for visiting  today. I'm pleased to provide one or two new helpful tips for you each month.

July 2021 Tip: Area & Measurement of Plane Geometric Figures

Area & Measurement of Plane Geometric Figures: You can download these handy formulas for Plane Geometric Figures . Covered are Circles, Ellipse & Parabolas, Cylinders, Spheres, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Parallelograms, Trapezoids, Trapeziums, Hexagons, Octagons, and Regular Polygons. You may also  contact me if you want me to email the full PDF to you that includes all of these formulas.  Sample: Hexagon and Octagon formula Thanks for visiting today. Learn why we list new tips every month.