June 2022 Newsletter

 GrafNCalc83 Chord Length Program My new Chord Length program is available for only $1.35. As always, I have tested it extensively to ensure it is accurate. I must continue to stress, however, that my programs are to be used only to verify your own calculations. You can buy all 34 of my programs for only $25 for a savings of $20.99. You may also choose 5 for $5 or 10 for $10 if you don’t need all 34 programs. Programs will be mailed within 48 hours of receiving your Paypal payment. If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact me . I’ll reply within 48 hours. Thanks for visiting . Have a nice day!


Nature uses hexagons because of the strength it provides. Also, of squares, equilateral triangles, and hexagons, the hexagon packs together more cells in one plane, using less space, than the other two do. In nature, the hexagon shape is found in tortoise shells, snowflakes, honeycombs, and bees’ nests. You’ll find many more examples if you care to inspect this further. If hexagons are good enough for nature, it’s good enough for manmade products as well. Engineers have been using the hexagon for their creations for hundreds of years. Some, like bridges, houses, and other buildings use this concept because of the strength and use of less space. Using hexagon shaped floor and wall tiles are other ways to not only use less space but also as an eye-appealing way to decorate. A soccer ball, made from hexagon and pentagon shapes, helps the ball maintain its shape as it’s being kicked around, improves the ball’s aerodynamics, and helps players maintain control (Source: https://soccerwhizz.

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Chord Length Calculator Program for GrafNCalc83

DISCLAIMER Chord Length: Is a program to calculate the Chord Length of any Diameter to get equal number of divisions. Input the Circle Diameter and then the number of Divisions. The output will be the "Chord Length". You will also get a PDF of the program. Use email account on your iPhone, open with GrafNCalc83. You should receive a message "Imported Successfully". Watch how this program works BUY NOW for $1.35: Please provide the email account you use on your phone in the "Notes" section of your payment. Program will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase - usually in much less time. Thanks for visiting today.

April 2022 Newsletter

  Last month, I added a couple more Machinist tips for you. I hope you enjoy the  Pipe Thread Sizes  chart and the  Tapping and Threading Formulas  chart. Once again, if you have any problems downloading these charts, please  contact me  and I’ll be happy to email those to you. If you’re still undecided about whether to buy or not, read what  others have said  about my programs. I’m always happy to help if you have any questions after a purchase. Simply contact me using the link I provided above. Thanks for visiting .

April 2022 Tip: Mill and Lathe Formulas

As with all of the downloads I provide as helpful tools on this site, this Mill and Lathe  Formulas chart  is handy to keep nearby. This chart provides formulas for SFM cutting speed, RPM, FPR, FPT, MRR, converting IPR to IPM and IPM to IPR, and much more as shown in the picture below. It also includes conversion formulas for inches to metric and metric to inches. I'm always happy  email  the chart to you if you're unable to download it.  Thanks for visiting . And remember to tell your friends about our affordable programs and free downloads. 

March 2022 Tip: Tapping and Threading Formulas

Today's download is a  Tapping and Threading Formulas chart. You'll get formulas for inch taps as shown in the image below as well as for metric taps, and also two examples of tap drill size calculations for both inch and metric. This  helpful chart is a must have for any machinist. Keep it on your phone or print it to keep in your toolbox. Contact me if you're unable to download the chart; I'll be happy to email it to you. Thanks again for visiting . Have a nice day.

March 2022 Newsletter

  New Machinist Tips I hope everyone is doing well today. In February, I added two new machinist tips.  Download the free Metric Taps or Metric Thread Pitch Conversion charts at your convenience.  If you have trouble downloading the charts, contact me  and I’ll be happy to email them to you. Life got busy once again last month, but I’ll add more YouTube  videos when the dust starts to settle. Thanks for all the thumbs up. I really appreciate your support. Thanks for visiting   today.

March 2022 Tip: Pipe Thread Sizes

Today's tip is a chart for Pipe Thread Sizes  that you can download free of charge. This chart provides the Tap Thread Size, Approximate Inside Diameter, Approximate Outside Diameter, and Tap Drill Size of the most commonly used standard threaded pipe sizes. Find out more information about charts and other tools you should keep on your phone or in your toolbox for easy accessibility. Contact me if you have any trouble downloading this chart. Thanks for visiting today. 

February 2022 Tip: Metric Thread Pitch Conversion

Today's tip is a Metric Thread Pitch Conversion Chart . As you can see in the sample image below, the chart includes conversions for metric thread pitch, thread pitch in inches, threads per inch, and basic height. Great printed tool to keep nearby. Contact me if you have any questions or problems downloading this PDF file. Thanks for visiting .