Revisiting Threads

Can you imagine a world without threaded nuts and bolts? When you think about it, almost everything in the world is held together by nuts and bolts - vehicles, homes, bridges, chairs just to name a few. You could say that our lives are literally hanging by a thread. 

Of course, threads are used in other materials as well such as pipes. And threads come in different pitches; some are standard and some are metric; some are internal and some are external. And it's a machinist's job to make sure these threads are precise for the jobs they must perform. So, as a veteran machinist with over 40 years of experience, I have posted a few thread tips and created some GrafnCalc83 programs to help you double check your calculations for external pipe threads, internal pipe threads, and for diameter calculation over three-wires of 60 degree threads.

threaded nuts and bolts
Image courtesy of Dan Cristian Pădureț via Unsplash

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